Crunchy Crispy Chicken Joy, Tatak Jollibee!, Tatakpinoy! Tatakpinas!

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When your kids ask for something special fav with no hassle...crunchy crispy chicken joy!

I tried asking our kids what to eat this season of love “Christmas” so we can prepare it for the Noche Buena… to my surprise, they just gave me a snap answer of… crunchy crispy chicken! 

hahaha what a simple dish though… but they told me not to bother to prepare the food so we don’t get tired.  I got confused and pause for a sec…

So I ask them again and rephrase my question “where do buy your favorite crunchy crispy chicken?” And without a doubt, they simply answer – “Jollibeeeeeeee!” 

What a beautiful answer that is… problem solved!

Simply crunchy crispy chicken joy from Jollibee is really a favored reality for kids around the Philippines. 

Jollibee truly captures the heart of Filipinos, especially, Filipino kids!

Crunchy Crispy Chicken Joy…

Tatak Jollibee!, Tatak Pinoy! Tatakpinas!