Dajok (Fermented Carabao Skin)
Unique/special food prep

Jagna’s unique food prep dish called “Dajok”

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Jagna's unique food prep dish called "Dajok"

Dajok” is a very well known food delicacy in the municipality of Jagna, Bohol. a well preserved tradition of food prep from few families in the locals from generation to generation.

Carabao is the country's national animal for its strength, perseverance and characteristic function or use in the farm field and transportation

This in-demand food delicacy “dajok” is a tedious and long food prep delicacy from the carabao’s skin.  Sun-dried for a period of month and then grilled, clean and boiled to tender the meat to it’s desired softness and fermented with coconut water for a couple of weeks before serve.

For those who would love to  try to eat this “pangita-on” in-demand  food delicacy you have to be early in the public market in either at around 5:00-6:00 am or 10:30-11:00 am.