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Otap or Puff Cookies top fav snack delicacy in Cebu

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One of the best and top fav snack delicacies in Cebu is Otap or Puff Cookies. It’s been quite a long time since I have known this delicious puff cookie from Cebu that can be found locally from terminal stations, groceries stores, and sidewalk vendors.

Otap has been the top priority food delicacy souvenir or “pasalubong”, as far as I can remember, since my elementary years until high school whenever my mother travels to the neighboring province Cebu.

The thing that I like most about this food delicacy is the caramelized crystalized sugar coat on top of the puff cookie. I used to lick the cookie before eating it. It was really really fun along with my siblings. heheh We were kinda messy back then… 

To date, the product evolves much in its packaging and size though the taste remains the same.


Puff Cookie or Otap is a good source of calories, fats, and carbohydrates.  So when it comes to a daily dose of your cravings, I would highly recommend you to eat it in moderation.


Otap can be prepared in a very comfortable set-up and baked at your own small oven right in your very own kitchen (though I haven’t tried it to myself hehehe as my wife does the thing for me as she is a pastry and culinary chef).

Ingredients are very much available here in Cebu.

All-Purpose Flour, Sugar, Salt, Dough Shortening, Oil, Egg, yeast, vanilla, water and cake flour.

Food Preparation

For this product, I would say, I would have to do more research on the process of making it because it’s a bit tricky to achieve the desired crunchiness or flakiness. heheh I will have to pass sharing the food prep for now. I guess I will have to ask a  schedule from chef chique.

Over the years, Otap has been very good at being a great “pasalubong” food delicacy in the country.

The product comes in two sizes that fit your bag or pocket. It’s a lot easier to carry nowadays.  So if you’re in Cebu head to the nearest mall grocery store and grab a couple of bite-size Otap. It’s really worth for your penny.

Biodegradable Waste Management

The known biodegradable waste from Otap products is its eggshells which can be converted into agricultural food supplements. 

Otap is highly and truly a tatakpinas food snack delicacy.  Tatak Cebu!